Art Roulette

Art roulette is a tool that can be helpful during art classes or different artistic undertakings. It proposes a series of randomly generated actions to apply to the visual artwork, object, or text. The tool provokes us to expand our usual practices. It can be used in group activities and individually.

The idea is inspired by the TVC taxonomy diagram published in Nettrice R. Gaskins’s work “Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation across the African Diaspora and Global South.” The author analyses vernacular strategies for approaching technology. These strategies subvert existing politics of technology that favour material and intellectual resources. The author claims that “technologies are not mere tools that we use, but active forces in the world.”

Files to download:

Art roulette – mobile app (android)

Art roulette – mobile app (iPhone).

Art roulette – pdf

Mobile app version was created by Kasia Szymanek.

The idea of an educational tool was developed during the Loren Britton’s seminar “Pedagogy of Captivating Technologies” at the New Centre for Research and Practice.

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