Planetary Riddles

opening: 20.11.2021 g. 18.00
curator: Szymon Kobylarz
Widna Gallery, 31 Grzegórzecka Street, Cracow

The Planetary Riddles are the ones in which we believe the Earth is not an isolated, discrete entity. Complete explanations that ignore our interaction must include the Universe at large that creates life-giving natural things such as the Earth itself. Let’s complicate things further some aspects of how the cosmos interacts, not seen with human vision but discovered by cosmic rays from beyond, may actually give rise to an extra world with other properties or life. Cosmos do not shrink or vanish into thin black emptiness and leave one a vacuum as with some sci-fi concept. But when you start looking through some ideas, we come upon to form a grand imagine life. The Universe may give a twist when its forces do not topolologize as our scientific laws but do evolve in some construct of a more intricate design. A cosmic landscape could give the ability to exist on the opposite spectrum of energy to this in order. This is not a theory, neither the fact that some ideas you can confess are not science-based, so open to revision at times.

Look at The Planetary Riddles and connect all other concepts in your head and collect them together, booting up into different modes at each level they emerge. Be enchanting for others to view the undercover Universe you can also present only for your own thoughts.

Some say that cosmic phenomena will destroy mankind while another is predicting something which seems to contradict science. You can enter into these two concepts with many possible answers as science evolves to help understand an aim higher than a world order you can not move against. To explain how to unravel Riddles, we can go deep back the past into some events. A key element is the first space travel into an outer dimension where the same people are seen to explore this aspect for all it has for a future and for mankind which you may be unaware of. So with these events can bring all the concepts together that we call “draw face ideas”.

This psychological term describes a complex pattern where things change in relation to its origins but still look the way the first experience. The person was just exploring if this new form could really feel similar to the past experience with an intention. One aspect will be the ability to use these “drawn faces” as tools to understand what your future may be like if you stay away. For example, if you have an inner voice telling you to stay on your planet to the next dimension, you’ll take these cues and then look further out into those realities. What they reveal in your imagination can really turn any of your prior observations so your new perspective can start.

In the end, The Planetary Riddles can help you look further around in each reality which could possibly reveal some truths. When using the same concept, a planet can start becoming distorted and can even end.
GPT-2/Szymon Kobylarz