ProPolis is an artistic and educational project carried out together with Aneta Zasucha for the invitation of the Living Space Theater during the “III Festiwal Siódme Poty Teatru” in Kluczbork. Together with Aneta, we conducted workshops with the citizens of Kluczbork and the pupils of the educational centre Parasol. We talked about community and values ​​important to create one. We also carried out an artistic action to establish a social garden (for people and bees).

Polis – this word is commonly translated as “city-state”. The name propolis comes from the Greek words pro (before) and polis (city), meaning “the outer wall to protect the city.” Propolis, also known as bee putty, is used by bees to cover the inside walls of the hive. Thanks to the bee putty, their structure is sealed and strengthened. It has protective, regenerative and healing properties.

The ProPolis artistic action (consisting of workshops and a plant installation) aims to introduce reflection on the methods of creating a community. We focused on showing the power of good intentions, cooperation and kindness as necessary tools for social integration and maintaining interpersonal relations. The workshop resulted in a collaborative installation that is a metaphor for constructing a community.