Exploration and reflection upon the variety of natural phenomena and stimuli that influence the relationship between humans and the rest of the living world is the aim of my painting. The priority is to encourage social sensitivity and teach how to feel and understand nature. My inspiration is drawn from the contemporary humanistic approach; the result of which is a broad perspective onto the theme. It’s important to me to introduce ecological aspects in creative work, such as recycling and transforming selected objects. The complexity of human existence on Earth and the challenges it presents without solutions form the background to my stories. As Lawrence Buell, one of the pioneers of eco-criticism puts it: with the environmental crisis comes a crisis of the imagination.The inspiration found in the old natural history albums and atlases lets me create collages, which are drafts to my artistic work. They consist of various fragments or objects I find along the way. During the process, many other fragments are accumulated, for example, the stories read, films watched, or hidden emotions. Ideas for the projects are eventually put onto large-format canvases. I paint furs, insect shells, hair, feathers, rocks and tree bark with the intuitive method of painting that is based on experimental principles. Sometimes a gesture is important; sometimes a precise reconstruction of the project and a proper selection of colours. I consciously do not hide my interference in the work. This is aimed at dissecting the linguistic and cultural image of nature.