Be afraid Be very afraid

This workshop was organized in collaboration with Mark Cinkevich at Widna Gallery in Cracow, in partnership with VII PhilosophyCon. The workshop scenario engaged monster writing and monster visualization techniques to dismantle and then better understand complex ideas.

The workshop involved step-by-step interactive activities, including the creation of specific monster organs with their own visual characteristics and functions. An example was a tentacular moustache used to collect resources only for higher-ranking party officials. Through collective effort, we composed, speculated, and invented two monsters representing: the ‘monster of capitalism’ and the ‘monster of communism.’

At the workshop’s climax participants came up with narratives based on reflection of the historical and economic situation in Poland, in which the two monsters collided and engaged in a battle. The ‘monster of capitalism,’ a floating singular organ resembling a mouth-anus, clashed with the ‘monster of communism’ in the form of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.