Balsamic Garden

The workshop ‘Balsamic Garden’ was developed in cooperation with the City Museum in Tychy. It stemmed from a meeting with pharmacists and addressed contemporary and traditional methods of treatment and the status of pharmacy workers. The reference to the symbolic meaning of the garden opened themes associated with relief, sensuality, mystery and awareness that helped look at the figure of the pharmacist in a more sensitive way.

The workshop encouraged creative and abstract thinking, providing a platform for self-expression, playful exploration, and imaginative associations. Edward Lear’s illustrations from the cycle ‘Nonsense Botany’ were one of our inspirations, which incited playful creativity. We also invented symbolic attributes related to pharmacists and played around with language. For instance, we replaced parts of poems with drug names. These creative processes were designed to increase self-esteem and empower individuals to recognize their knowledge, competencies and talents.