Pipes Workshop

‘The pipes workshop’ was organized in collaboration with activist and engineer Michael Reinders at the cultural association Niehler Freiheit in Cologne. We delved into the question: ‘What is a pipe?’, applying abstract, poetic thinking and engaging with a more emotional approach to the topic of pipe infrastructure. The workshop also intended to ¬†raise the question of whether pipes have a rightful place within ecosystems provoking the reflection on environmental ethics.

Many of Niehler Freiheit’s facilities are full of visible pipes, which made it a perfect setting for discussing the aesthetic and the issue of pipe visibility. Over the course of this workshop we also ¬†worked with the activity book created for the workshop, and engaged our senses by listening to pipes, making sounds and sensing vibrations to finally construct a human-pipe machine. The exercises were designed with a playful and humorous approach to facilitate conceptual thinking.